The Construction business of OneConstruction has combined experience with all of its specialist technical and human resources in its Roads and Bridges Special Structures specialist unit. This enables it to provide a specific technical solution to every project and client, anywhere in the world, participating at every stage of a project, from the tender and design work through to the construction and maintenance of these infrastructures (roads, bridges, airports and special structures).

Thanks to its constant drive for innovation in search of excellence,

Infrastruture Maintenance specialises in providing integral maintenance services for road, water and environmental infrastructures. It is a leader for infrastructure maintenance and conservation solutions, improving and protecting the environment for the benefit of those that use or are affected by these infrastructures.

This specialist business unit is also capable of offering the best solutions for special structures in the most complex projects, covering every area of civil engineering and building construction, thanks to its proven commitment to innovation, its extensive experience and a great team of professionals.

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